Trademark Services Overview

Register a Trademark

Trademark Registration

Register a trademark today and protect your brand. You can trademark a name, logo, phrase or combination of these as a brand for your product or service.

Trademark Search

Trademark Search

Preliminary trademark search is important to find out if your trademark is clear for registration or if you're infringing another active mark.

Trademark Statement of Use

Statement of Use

File the Statement of Use or Allegation of Use forms to show usage of your trademark in an Intent to Use application.

Trademark Renewal

Section 8 (Renewal at 5th year)

File proper trademark maintenance and renewal forms to keep your trademark up to date. Section 8 Declaration of Use is filed between 5th and 6th of after registration.

Trademark Certificate

Order an official copy of your certified trademark registration. It comes with a beautiful seal and coversheet design.

File your trademark registration today with Registering a trademark at the federal level protects your brand nationwide. You can trademark a name, logo, or phrase used in connection with a product or business service. Once your register a trademark with the USPTO (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office) it puts the public on notice that you are the presumptive owner of the trademark and you have exclusive rights to use of the trademark. Trademark registration gives you additional advantages including bringing a federal suit in court if someone infringes your mark. In addition, you may use the cherished ® symbol next to your trademark name or logo. makes it easy and affordable to register a trademark with the USPTO. Get started today and file a trademark with the USPTO. Protect your brand by registering a trademark!